Why Clean Water?


Why we do this and how you can help!


You can help save

thousands of kids lives!



Water Facts

More people die from dirty water and poor sanitation than all forms of violence.  Including war!
We are a small group of people bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of all  donations through Water4Many directly fund water projects with Living Water International. They prove every dollar using photos and GPS coordinates on a map.

Why water?

One night I got up to get a drink. Knowing my way around my home I went to my bathroom and filled up a glass with water from the sink faucet. I did not turn on the lights. I did not think to examine the water to see if it was clean. Then it dawned on me. I can go to any faucet in my home and expect clean water any day or night. But that is not the case for almost 1 Billion other people who are on this planet!
What to do?
This made me sad, then angry, then I felt helpless. Then I decided to do something. I partnered with Living Water International to help create sustainable water projects in Africa!


To be updated on our current campaign, click here.


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