Exciting, New Update!

We officially completed our funding to bring clean water to the deep forest of Peru! We continually feel lucky to work with Living Water International bringing clean water all around the world! Which leads us to our exciting update! We are now starting funding for a project called Rehabilitations. This is where Living Water International finds non-LWI […]

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The Current Project

Over and over again, we have felt blessed to work with Living Water International to bring clean water to communities we cannot reach. We are currently working in India, partnering with an awesome local church, to educate on hygiene and sanitation and build a device that gets these people what they need! For the safety […]

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Wiping Out New York City

783 million people do not have access to clean water. 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. 6-8 million people die of water related diseases every year. That is like wiping out the entire city of Manhattan in one fell swoop. That is an enormous amount of people. All for not having the access to […]

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Getting To Know Our Partner

We have been blessed with the opportunity to link up with Living Water International. They are doing amazing things worldwide that we feel lucky to support and watch grow. Even their mission statement greatly reflects what we strive to do each day in helping people find their dream homes.   Living Water International exists to […]

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Peru: Our New Campaign

We just begun a new campaign, which we couldn’t be more excited about! We are currently raising $10,000 to provide safe water for residents of Peru. As you have seen in the many posts before, clean water is essential for people in these areas that do not have access to it. The main way we […]

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